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"Joe", a Jovian befriended by Larry Dart, Husky and Slim.

The Jovians are a sapient species of robust yet timid creatures which inhabit the misty swamps of Jupiter. Their technology level appears to be low at best and non-existent at worst, but they are a friendly, resourceful people and have been known to assist the United Galactic Organization representatives from Earth, Mars and Venus on the Jovian outposts.

The Jovian body is almost spherical, supported by a pair of short legs and much longer arms. From there sprouts a long neck that seems to be made of two independent tubular structures twisted around each other. Their heads are roundish and chin-less, with faces dominated by huge eyes. They have the strange ability to turn their heads around in a 360 degrees angle multiple times over.


  • Space Patrol (1963 - 64):
    • Ep. 01 - "Swamps of Jupiter"
    • Ep. 05 - "The Shrinking Spaceman"
    • Ep. 13 - "The Walking Lake of Jupiter"
    • Ep. 39 - "The Shrinking Gas of Jupiter"

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