Superinteressante Jovian
General Information
Homeworld Jupiter
Diet Chemotroph
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Superinteressante

Jovians are sac-shaped floating creatures native to the atmosphere of planet Jupiter. The strong wind fills the hollow body of the Jovian, carrying it around. The creature can control its speed by contracting its body.


Jovians have many large pores on the upper side of their bodies, which are used to absorb nutrients from the environment. Inside the walls of its body there is a network system similar to the circulatory system of Earth's animals, which is used to deliver nutrients to all cells in the organism. Wastes are released when the creature contracts.


  • Jovians were featured in the Brazilian magazine Superinteressante in June 1999. They were inspired by the Jovian creatures proposed by Carl Sagan.

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