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The K'aargs were large, bipedal reptilian humanoids from the Outer Rim planet Shira. They were described as being not very accommodating, and were feared for their mouth full of sharp teeth.

Culture and historyEdit

The K'aargs' ancestors on Shira were once an established civilization, as they left ruins of a large city located in a canyon. Millennia later, the K'aargs were of a lower technology level, midway between stone and feudal level. They were a rather primitive society organised in small clans and living in caves. As regards warfare, the K'aargs would only use swords, axes and bows. When an unidentified Nightsister crashed on Shira, the K'aargs quickly adopted her as goddess, though a bloodthirsty one. Those who tried to disobey overtly were turned into brainless minions known as "the Chosen of the Goddess". The chosen ones established themselves at the head of the clans. Some K'aargs them eventually left their clans and went to lead a nomadic existence in hopes of freeing themselves from the sorceress.

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