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Metroid e-Manga, Chapter 1.

  • Location "Neighboring" Zebes.
  • Atmosphere Hospitable for Human life.
  • Distinct features Earth colony, forests, rocky mountains, natural Afloraltite.

K-2L is a planet and Earth colony on which Samus Aran lived at the age of 3, along with her parents, Rodney and Virginia Aran. K-2L was an important planet for the Galactic Federation, as it had large reserves of Afloraltite. Pyonchi, a Rabbilis lived on this planet, and is the only known native creature. The actual planet is "neighboring" Zebes, according to the Metroid Prime instruction manual.

While Samus was living on planet K-2L, Ridley and his Space Pirates attacked it, destroying the colony and leaving Samus the only survivor. The Chozo intercepted the colony's distress signal and rushed over, rescuing Samus just in time. It is unknown what happened to the colony after Samus left. Her parents were killed like the rest. This was the incident that led to Samus Aran's hatred of Space Pirates.

Though the location was first referenced in Super Metroid (comic), it has since been mentioned in Metroid Prime 's manual and Metroid Prime (comic), as well as depicted in Metroid Fusion, the Metroid Manga, Metroid: Zero Mission and Metroid: Other M 's commercial, TV Commercial :60 Spot. A "human settlement" was also mentioned in the Blood of the Chozo retelling in Nintendo Power, while mentioning "Chief Engineer Avram Aran" and "Captain Thea Aran" being killed in the raid, with Solomon Aran being missing and presumed dead.


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