The Kalduu are one of two sapient races native to the planet Ropagi II, although their external appearance would bely that. The Kalduu are large, hemispherical creatures which float above the ground. Four tentacles dangle below their transparent bodies, serving as a means for eating and breathing. They travel in groups of three or less, consuming viruses and germs from the air. The average Kalduu can live to be 500 standard years in age, and they reproduce via fission. The Kalduu have no vocal chords, and have learned to communicate via telepathy. Two or more Kalduu can form a group mind if they are in close proximity.

Several millennia before the Galactic Civil War, the Kalduu realized that the warring factions of the Ropagu were eventually going to destroy their planet. The Kalduu intervened in the struggles, making contact and winning the trust of the various Ropagu nations. Since then, the Kalduu have bonded with the minds of the various Ropagu leaders, filling their minds with peaceful thoughts while forming a form of symbiotic relationship. After many centuries of this existence, the Kalduu stopped influencing the minds of the Ropagu, using telepathy only to avoid warfare. Current generations of Kalduu often regret that their ancestors used this form of mind control on the Ropagu, but they also realize the potential danger that was averted.

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