Biography Information
Homeworld Enoema Homeworld
Species Unspecified, once Enoema
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Death Unknown
Hair Color None
Eye Color Bright green
Affiliation Bounty hunter
Behind the Scenes
Universe Metroid Universe

Kanden is a dangerous molecular experiment that went wrong on the Enoema Homeworld. The crazy scientist that developed his bio-structure, used several defense and characteristic cells from the most dangerous and destructive predatory insects. Kanden is surrounded by an electro-magnetic field, which has voltage potential to that found in lightning storms.


Kanden, whilst in the lab, took an un-tested heavy-duty weapon, the Volt Driver. This machine can create a charged blast that can overload the combat or scanning visors of Galactic Federation military suits.


Kanden Stinglarva

Kanden's alternate form.

Kanden's alt-from is the Stinglarva. This large speedy caterpillar-like insect has a small, but long regenerating tail, that homes in on its prey before it explodes. This explosion can cause Kanden's alt-form to jump.



Not a lot at this current moment is known about the Enoema race.


  • Metroid Prime Hunters (First appearance)

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