Kandor Bottle City

Kandor is a bottled city that appeared in Action Comics # 242 (July 1958) was the big main city of krypton, which housed several Kryptonian guilds, birthplace of Jor-EL and Zor-EL, this city was founded by slave Val-OR for the defeat of the invasion of Vrangs, he sacrificed himself for the final release of Kryptonian, the Val-OR tomb was later succeeded his statue that stood in the middle of the city.

The last was Kryptonian, 500 years later, missing three years before the end of krypton, a new invasion came again this time settling the global city of Kandor, by an unknown tyrant Brainiac, who with his super technology left Kandor chaos destruction and several deaths, 100 thousand inhabitants, was reduced to 70 thousand survivors. The defenses of Kandor fell Brainiac and sucked the whole city with its miniature spoke to his collection of several cities.

28 years later, Kandor was rescued by Superman in their fight against Brainiac, Kandor formed the "New Krypton" when members of science guild stole the technology of Brainiac, however, Brainiac destroyed the planet, 30 thousand Kryptonians died and Kandor was saved again by Superman, leaving the city "irretrievably" miniaturized. Kal-El through the bottled city of Kandor, met really the Kryptonian culture and home to the El family, knowing his cousin Van-ZEE, leader of Kandor with a population of 70 thousand inhabitants.

Current residents of Kandor

Nim-ZEE - Father of Van-ZEE, leader of Kandor at the time of invasion in Krypton, resulting in the death of his wife "Kalya Var-EL" by the droids of Brainiac, when she protected her children Van-ZEE and her brother Gem-ZEE when they were children , Nim-ZEE sacrificed his life to save the miniaturized city in his fight against Brainiac along with the superman by revenge the death of his wife, protecting and his son Van-ZEE, along with half of the surviving kryptonians of New Krypton on the transfer to kandor, the bottle city of Kandor was rescued safe and delivered to the superman, left In the Fortress of Solitude.

Van-ZEE (cousin Kal-El and Kara also, he was the son of Kalya Var-EL, cousin of Jor-EL and Zor-EL) and Nim-ZEE, brother In-ZEE (Alura's father) youngest his, he is leader of Kandor and assumes a indentity combatant crime in the dark of Kandor ghettos as "Nightwing").

Gem-ZEE - younger brother of Van-ZEE, a noble Kandor engineer, he is a father of teenager Thara Gem-ZEE (cousin and the best friend of Kara Zor-EL) and his wife died in the attack New Krypton by Brainiac.

Sylvia DeWitt - cousin of Lois Lane and Lucy, she is the first human to live the Kryptonian society, Van-ZEE wife and mother of twins boys Lyle and Levy ZEE. She was also the victim of the shrinkage within Kandor by Brainiac in the saga of New Krypton, when she was abducted by him, superman saved her and placed Sylvia in Kandor, promising to rescue her back to Metropolis, but there was no time, she went to live among The Kandorians knowing Van-ZEE later.

Zak-KUL - Great scientist of Kandor, and creator of "Illium 349" temporary growth radius of a resident, which lasts for 24 hours.

Ak-VAR - An orphaned teenager whose parents was a member of the military guard of "zero Negro" from Krypton, killed by Brainiac attack actions, his father was a friend of Nim-ZEE at the time, he belonged to a gang in Kandor streets that put as accused of a crime he did not commit and sentenced to the Phantom Zone, years later, he was released of prison for Van-ZEE by confession of a member of gang  before die , Ak-VAR becomes assistant of Van-ZEE and takes a combatant partnership to crime as "Flamebird".

Lesla-LAR - The younger scientist of Kandor, ambitious also, she is the jealous enemy of supergirl.

Zora Vi-LAR - Cousin of Lesla LAR, she was the first Kryptonian to be banned from Kandor to associate the Brainiac and have their original size for Hyper-Ray coluan, but was exposed to "yellow kryptonite" in process of the ray, deciding not getting more Kryptonian powers, going to live as a human on earth with an identity a mysterious criminal and enemy of supergirl called "Black flame" in National City.

Emergency Squad - This troop is led by for General Lek-VAR, security chief of Kandor, with specialized military members in case of emergency relief to Superman, members soldiers as: Vor-EM, Maj-AR, Tasha Del-NAR, Dara Kir-TA.

Kim-DA - Scientist of Kandor, the owner of a zoo that preserves various species of endangered animals of Krypton in their synthetic biologic invention.

Et-ROG - Leader of science guild kandorian.

Maryam Cha-NA - Great artist of Kandor, leader of the art guid.

Nah-UM -Leader of the High Council of Kandor.

Nar-KOR - Doctor, Medical chief of Kandor.

Yan-US - Scientist of Kandor, Inventor of cures caused in poisoning of kryptonites.

Tam-OR - Gem-ZEE's assistant, he later assuming the position of engineer chief of Kandor, after the death of his mentor Gem-ZEE.

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