A picture of a Great Kanohi Hau, the Great Mask of Shielding

Kanohi (also called Kanohi masks and simply Masks) are masks worn by inhabitants of the Matoran Universe.


Kanohi of various types are worn by various inhabitants of the Matoran Universe. If a Matoran or Turaga isn't wearing a mask for a long period of time, they will either enter a coma or eventually die. Toa can live without their masks, but they are greatly weakened when doing so. Some Kanohi also provide powers. Toa and other strong species can use these powers. Kanohi are usually created by Molten Protodermis or Kanoka.

Classifications of MasksEdit

Powerless KanohiEdit

Powerless Kanohi have no powers. They are usually worn by Matoran. They can be made from Kanoka with a power level of 6 or below.

Infected KanohiEdit

Infected Kanohi have been infected by a Makuta's darkness, usually by means of a Kraata. Anybody who wears an infected mask will be placed under the control of the Makuta. Teridax used Infected Kanohi to control the Rahi population of Mata Nui.

Noble KanohiEdit

Noble Kanohi have powers, but not as great as those of Great Kanohi. They are usually worn by Turaga and occasionally Toa, who can access their powers. They are created from Kanoka with a power level of 7. They are also created from the old Kanohi of a Toa when he or she becomes a Turaga.

Great KanohiEdit

Great Kanohi have powers greater than that of Noble Kanohi. They are worn by Toa and other powerful species such as Makuta and members of the Order of Mata Nui. Great Kanohi are created from Kanoka that have a power level of 8. Also, they are created from a Matoran's old Kanohi when he or she becomes a Toa.

Kanohi NuvaEdit

Kanohi Nuva have even greater powers than those of Great Kanohi. They are worn by the Toa Nuva. Their powers can also be shared with others in the near proximity.

Legendary KanohiEdit

Legendary Kanohi control fundamental forces of the universe and are often sought by many. The power of Legendary Kanohi is so great that it seeps out from the mask when cracked. Legendary Kanohi include the Kanohi Ignika, the Kanohi Vahi, and the Mask of Creation.

Types of KanohiEdit

  • Hau - Mask of Shielding
    • Hau Nuva - Nuva Mask of Shielding
  • Pakari - Mask of Strength
    • Pakari Nuva - Nuva Mask of Strength
  • Kaukau - Mask of Water Breathing
    • Kaukau Nuva - Nuva Mask of Water Breathing
  • Miru - Mask of Leviation
    • Miru Nuva - Nuva Mask of Levitation
  • Kakama - Mask of Speed
    • Kakama Nuva - Nuva Mask of Speed
  • Akaku - Mask of X-Ray Vision/The Mask of Vision
    • Akaku Nuva - Nuva Mask of X-Ray Vision/The Nuva Mask of Vision
  • Golden Kanohi - Powers of Shielding, Strength, Water Breathing, Levitation, Speed, and X-Ray Vision
  • Aki - Mask of Valor (Powers of Shielding, Strength, and Speed)
    • Aki Nuva - Nuva Mask of Valor (Enhanced Powers of Shielding, Strength, and Speed) (Theoretical, never actually entered into existence)
  • Rua - Mask of Wisdom (Powers of X-Ray Vision, Water Breathing, and Levitation)
    • Rua Nuva - Nuva Mask of Wisdom (Enhanced Powers of X-Ray Vision, Water Breathing, and Levitation)
  • Huna - Mask of Invisibility
  • Rau - Mask of Translation
  • Mahiki - Mask of Illusion
  • Komau - Mask of Mind Control
  • Ruru - Mask of Night Vision
  • Matatu - Mask of Telekinesis
  • Copper Mask of Victory - Powerless, given to winners of various sports
  • Infected Kanohi
  • Vahi - Mask of Time
  • Mask of Elemental Energy - Recharges elemental powers of any Toa upon wearing it
  • Avohkii - Mask of Light
  • Kraahkan - Mask of Shadow
  • Mask of Light and Shadow - Formed by the merging of Takanuva and Teridax into Takutanuva
  • Kiril - Mask of Regeneration
  • Olisi - Mask of Alternate Futures
  • Rode - Mask of Truth
  • Olmak - Mask of Dimensional Gates
  • Calix - Mask of Fate
  • Elda - Mask of Detection
  • Suletu - Mask of Telepathy
  • Sanok - Mask of Accuracy
  • Iden - Mask of Spirit
  • Kaden - Mask of Flight
  • Ignika - Mask of Life
  • Mask of Intangibility
  • Arthron - Mask of Sonar
  • Faxon - Mask of Kindred
  • Zatth - Mask of Summoning
  • Garai - Mask of Gravity
  • Tryna - Mask of Reanimation
  • Volitak - Mask of Stealth
  • Mask of Possibilities
  • Pehuki - Mask of Diminishment
  • Mask of Clairvoyance
  • Kualsi - Mask of Quick Travel
  • Mask of Emulation
  • Mask of Growth
  • Mask of Rahi Control
  • Jutlin - Mask of Corruption
  • Avsa - Mask of Hunger
  • Felnas - Mask of Disruption
  • Shelek - Mask of Silence
  • Mohtrek - Mask of Time Duplication
  • Crast - Mask of Repulsion
  • Mask of Psychometry
  • Mask of Mutation
  • Mask of Charisma
  • Mask of Creation
  • Mask of Healing
  • Mask of Adaptation
  • Mask of Aging
  • Mask of Biomechanics
  • Mask of Conjuring
  • Mask of Fusion
  • Mask of Incomprehension
  • Mask of Rebounding
  • Mask of Sensory Aptitude
  • Mask of Scavenging
  • Mask of Undeath


  • BIONICLE Comic series (First appearance)
  • Mata Nui Online Game

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