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Kariek was a planet near the Unknown Regions.

Its sole indigenous sentient lifeform were the Eickarie people, who were divided into various tribes. The Eickaries were a humanoid reptilian race with green and orange skin, with patterns of black scales around their eyes and across the back of their heads.

Its cities were dominated by towering fortresses and watchtowers which were interconnected via a network of underground tunnels.


The Eickarie were formerly a fragmented people. Their tribes was involved for centuries in long ans disastrous civil wars. But in 28 BBY, the planet was invaded and conquered by a mercenary army of Lakran led by a mysterious figure known as the Warlord.

The Warlord was defeated in 22 ABY during a join effort by the United Tribes of Kariek and the Empire of the Hand during the Battle of Kariek. Later, Kariek joined the Empire of the Hand to establish trade and defense ties to ward off potential aggressors.



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