Kat Kommander is the supreme ruler of Kat Nebula. He sent Mr. Kat (Agent 27B) to Earth for a secret mission of collecting Fishy Frisky Bit's and return to Kat Nebula for the promised title of hero. First seen in "Fat Kat", he is
Kat Kommander
shown in different episodes telling all the space Sphynx cat's their missions. He always behaves brutally and mean with Mr. Kat and doesn´t know it´s actually Coop who spoils their plans.

He has a rebellious son called Mr Kitten, who loves carnage and destruction all around the planet Kat Nebula (Catnip) plus earth.

In the season 2 finale he was going to punish Kat by working at the kitty litter mines until Kat attacks Coop. Kommander saw him as a hero and he gives him a second chance and drop all charges on Kat.

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