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Katarn Class Boarding Shuttle

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The 28 meter-long Katarn-class boarding shuttle was a Rendili StarDrive design made with a nose-end airlock. It could carry up to 50 troops and 500 kg of equipment, with a crew requirement of 3 people.


The enhanced structure of the shuttle allowed for the ramming of enemy vessels. Plasma torches mounted around the airlock could then open up a hole, which the airlock would seal itself around. In less than two minutes, boarding troops would be able to deploy into the target vessel.

The Katarn-class' only armament was one double laser cannon mounted at the front.


Katarn-class shuttles were often stationed aboard Nebulon-B frigates when in the Imperial forces.

Both SpecForce Marines and Imperial Navy troopers used the Katarn in boarding actions.


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