Keen (Bug) 1

Keen is a criminal Bug that was imprisoned for eating a bus load of tourists.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Strong jaws, armored exoskeleton, enhanced strength, sharp claws and teeth. He is intelligent, cocky and has extensive knowledge of weapons. Even told Jay about the blaster that he had was facing backward before he was about to eat one of the Worms. Like all Bugs, he loves to eat and will pick anyone.


He's easily knocked out by a low power blaster.

Keen (Bug) 2

Keen trying to eat one of the Worm Guys.



  • For one weird reason or another, Keen actually looks more like a dragon than a bug.
  • He also has an insatiable hunger. In his debut episode, he told Dr. Lupo and his clone that he would eat "the last man standing", if one of them killed the other.

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