Saru (2256)
General Information
Homeworld Kaminar
Body Type Humanoid
Height Taller than Humans
Locomotion Bipedal
Top Speed 80 km/h
Diet Herbivorous (presumed)
Lifespan Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Cautious
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Trek
Designed by Neville Page

The Kelpiens are a sapient, non-spacefaring civilization native to the planet Kaminar.


The Kelpiens are tall, lanky humanoids. One of their unique traits is the ability to sense danger. This sense usually manifests when their threat ganglia spay out and are exposed at the back of their heads. The reason they are hunted by the apex predators on their home world lies in their delicious flesh which is made ever sweeter by the endorphins released while they are afraid.

Kelpiens are taller than Humans, and despite their fragile appearance, are also considerably stronger. Their feet appear to be digitigrade, and they can achieve speeds of up to 80 km/h while running. Their senses are also far more acute than Human senses, particularly their hearing.


On their homeworld, Kelpiens are a prey species, used by another race as cattle and food. Due to the role they play in the natural ecology of their planet, Kelpiens tend to be more cautious when faced with the unknown. Rather than confront a possible enemy or danger, Kelpiens would prefer to avoid it. This mentality has rather blemished their species as a race of cowards.


  • Star Trek: Discovery (2017)
  • Star Trek: Short Treks (2018)


  • Kelpiens are similar in some ways to the Pierson's Puppeteers from Larry Niven's Known Space universe. Both species evolved as prey and are known for their extremely cautious nature, going as far as to be perceived as cowards and/or paranoids by other races.