The Kentra are a race of winged, fur-covered aliens native to the planet Orellon II. The average Kentra stands more than two meters tall, and their bodies are humanoid in form. Their large wings are bat-like in form, but are distinct from their arms. The Kentra social structure is based on the idea of nests, which are formed from extended families and local village folk. Nests are organized into clans, and clans are organized into flocks. Each flock is ultimately based on the race of Kentra which formed it. There are four specific racial groups: jungle Kentra, which are the least populous of all Kentra groups; spotted Kentra, which are nomads that live on the plains of Orellon II; striped Kentra, known for their incredible strength and patience; and the brown folk Kentra, who live in the lowlands at the foot of the mountain ranges. Among the Kentra, the concept of "truth" has many subtle layers, and honor is valued as highly as family. It is believed that they chose to name themselves Kentra after the arrival of Michael Tandre to Orellon II. Tandre was forced to land his ship, the Alpha Kentrum, on the planet, and he became a sort of spiritual leader for the Kentra.

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