Kerkoidia was the homeworld of the Kerkoidian species and was located in the Expansion Region.


Kerkoidia was located within a star system in the Kira sector of the Expansion Region of the galaxy.[1] It had a temperate climate, standard gravity, and three moons. Most of the planet was covered in savannahs, where tall grass grew to heights of nearly two meters.[2] These savannahs, as well as thick swamps,[3] which covered nearly 30% of the planet,[2] and jungles,[3] were inhabited by vicious predators.


During the Clone Wars, the planet was located within Separatist space,[5] despite still being recognized as a member of the Galactic Republic. The planet was conquered by Admiral Kreuge of the Republic shortly after the Battle of Christophsis.[4] The planet was also the home planet of the Confederate General Whorm Loathsom.