Khalani is the native language of the Protoss. Although they communicate telepathically, they had developed their own language over the many millennia. Most Terrans hear Khalani as phrases that sound like gibberish.

Speaking KhalaniEdit

Very little words and phrases from the Khalani vocabulary has been translated to English. The first canonical Khalani/English translations occurred in Starcraft novels, but there are still many, many untranslated Khalani words.

Khalani is generally spoken via telepathy, in the case of the Protoss. Because of seemingly incessant conflicts between the Terrans and Protoss, virtually no human has learnt the slightest iota of Khalani. Some Khalani words are easy to vocalize, while others do not roll off the tongue just as well. Khalani also exists as a written language, though it does not appear very often outside of Starcraft novels/graphic novels.

A Khalani dictionary is being maintained by Blizzard Entertainment.

Khalani->English TranslationsEdit

  • Adun Toridas! -> Adun hide you, often spoken as "May Adun give you sanctuary."
  • Alysaar -> Keepers of Wisdom
  • Alys'aril -> Sanctuary of Wisdom
  • Anht zagatir nas -> The gods watch over you.
  • Dae'Uhl -> Great Stewardship
  • En Taro -> In honor of. Often associated with revered Protoss heroes (i.e. Adun, Tassadar).
  • Ihan-rii -> Name given to the Xel'naga during the Aeon of Strife
  • Khala -> Path of Ascension
  • Khalai -> Those who follow the Khala, also the name of the Protoss worker caste.
  • Khas -> He Who Brings Order (Named for Khas, the legendary Templar that ended the Aeon of Strife)
  • Khaydarin -> Focuser of the Heart
  • Khor-shakal -> Great Forum
  • Kwah-kai -> Little Hands (also the name of a species of primates on Aiur)
  • Nerazim: Name given to the Dark Templar
  • Ni Monn Adun -> Heart of Adun
  • Shel'na Kryhas -> Those Who Endure
  • Tal'darim -> The Forged
  • Und lara khar -> Be at peace
  • Zerashk Gulida -> Oblivion Awaits (often used as a rallying cry by the Dark Templar)

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