General Information
Homeworld Tamarinde
Habitat Aquatic floating vegetation
Body Type Gastropod-sirenian like
Length 5 to 6 m
Weight Up to 500 kg
Sapience Level Pre-sapient
Behavior Complex, societal
Language Photophore, wingfin movement and pheromone-based communication
Behind the Scenes
Universe Orion's Arm
Created by M. Alan Kazlev

Khowagongs are large, semi-sapient aquatic creatures featured in the Orion's Arm science fiction webpage, not unlike a Terran sea slug crossed with a dugong. They inhabit an ocean world named Tamarinde (Phoebus Prefecture, Solar Dominion).[1]


Khowagongs can weigh up to 500 kg (1102lb 4.9824oz), with a length of about 5-6 meters (16ft 427⁄32in to 19ft 87⁄32in). They live in large colonies around large islands of floating vegetation, and possess a complex social structure. They communicate through pheromones, photophores and undulating wingfin movements. Not much else is stated about them from the Encyclopedia Galactica.

The Eden Institute of Xenoscience has classified them as semi-sapient, and since the approval of the Imperial Provolution Board, efforts are underway to provolve them to sapience. Trained xenologists are being recruited to help adapt them to galactic civilization, but not traumatize them in the process.

References Edit

  1. Khowagong at Encyclopedia Galactica.

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