The Kilmaulsi are sapient avianoids indigenous to the Outer Rim planet Kilmaulsias. They possess no wings, but have colorful ruffs of feathers under their jaws and along their arms.


The Kilmaulsi were engaged in savage religious wars among rival tribes when they were first contacted by explorers from the Commonality, including Vorzydiaks, Paiguns, and Hrakians. Alien contact had a profound effect on the Kilmaulsi, prompting them to end their bitter rivalries and migrate offworld to seek their fortunes among the stars. They retained their warrior's ferocity, however.

An average Kilmaulsi stands 1.7 meters and has a burly, muscular physique. They are prized as soldiers, mercenaries, and guards, as well as manual labor. Kilmaulsi soldiers sometimes wear traditional suits of green battle armor, with ornate feathery patterns. Kilmaulsi are also known to enter a frenzied state in battle, much like the Wookiee berserkers.

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