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General Information
Universe Ben 10 Universe
Homeworld Kinet
Height 1.90 meters
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
XLR8 ( Ben 10,000 version)
A male Kineceleran
Gobi-AoiAdded by Gobi-Aoi
Kineceleran Female
A female Kineceleran
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Kinecelerans are a species from the planet Kinet.


Kinecelerans live their lives in a constant rush. They are gangly and naturally awkward. Kinecelerans aren't fighters and are prone to acting without thinking.

Appearance Edit

All Kinecelerans have a black body. They can come in many color schemes. They all have 3 fingers. They have blue faces, and skin. They have a long tail with black stripes on it. Their feet have wheels on them, which enable them to travel quickly. They have a mask which covers their face when they are running. The heads of Kinecelerans are black, long, elliptical, and pointed at the top.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kinecelerans are able to reach speeds of more than 500 miles per hour. This extreme speed comes from manipulating friction, making them able to run up walls. While Kinecelerans can run fast, they are not built for battle; most of them do not have the disposition to stop and come up with a strategy. Kinecelerans can run on non-solid ground like mud, ice and especially water (which causes a major shock from the static buildup). However, XLR8 is capable of running on water and ice, although he has poor control on ice. Kinecelerans are able to create tornadoes from centrifugal force.

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