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Alien king (toy)

A King Alien is a type of Xenomorph.


The "King Alien" was created by Kenner as part of their Aliens toyline. It appears to lack the ridge on the tail. It looks more like an actual spine, rather than a skeletal ridge. Its head crest is very elaborate, with six points and what appears to be retracting pieces of armor on the side of the head. In the Kenner action figure, it has two pincers on the sides of its head. They clamp shut to grab objects.

The king was created by wayland yutanie industry to be used as a super hostile create that could be used to kill all other xenomorphs on a planet.

Behind the ScenesEdit

There are no instances of male aliens such as this in the Canon of AVP outside of the toy created by Kenner and superfluous material associated with it. There was a Rogue Xenomorph created by a mad scientist that was once referred to as a "King".

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