Kira hood
Biography Information
Homeworld Thra
Species Gelfling
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Hair Color Blonde
Family Yura (foster mother)

Unnamed mother (deceased)

Pets Fizzgig
Affiliation None
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Dark Chrystal

Kira, a Gelfling by birth, survived the Garthim attack on her clan due to her mother placing her as a baby into a hollow tree just before she was killed. Kira was taken in by the Podlings and raised by her foster mother Ydra, and lived life being one with nature and appreciating its wondrous beauty. Accompanied by her pet and sidekick, Fizzgig, Kira's insatiable thirst for adventure is sparked when they stumble on Jen in the forest and learn of his mission to restore the Crystal and bring their world to its proper order once again. Unlike Jen, Kira is illiterate. This is discovered when the two of them find the Wall of Destiny in the ancient Gelfling ruins. The prophecy is written on the wall, but only Jen can read it, and he translates it for her.

Kira is also an excellent singer, is bilingual, can communicate with animals, and she is deadly with a sling. In the upcoming sequel slated for 2011, she will be Queen, several hundred years old. In the original movie, when Jen and Kira entered the Gelfling ruins, Kira sat upon an old stone throne (see pic lower right), which was foreshadowing to her role as Queen in the sequel.

Jen and Kira actually seem to belong to two different races of Gelfling. Kira has light skin, brown eyes and blonde hair, with brown patches on her legs. Jen has dark hair with purple and white highlights, blue eyes, and tan skin, with no patches on the legs. Both varieties have purple spots inside their ears, close to the ear canal. It is not known how many different races of Gelfling originally existed, but Jen and Kira appear to be the last two of the Gelfling race in general, which makes them an "Adam and Eve" of sorts.