The Kishi-Bojin Shogunate was the government of the Shofixti from 2157 to 2167 CE.  Although it was relatively short by human standards it was long by Shofixti standards due to their high maturation rate.


Pre HistoryEdit

Since their uplifting by the Yehat in the year 2075 in the late 21st century about 90 years ago it remains unclear how many Shogunates ruled the Shofixti over the years. Similar to the Thraddash and their government, the Shoxfixti have a civil war and change things up every now and again as well. 

Early HistoryEdit

From 2157 to 2165 the Kishi-Bojin shogunate ruled from the Earth Starbase. The Kishi-Bojin shogunate began in the late 2150s during the captains first voyages after the Shofixti maidens and the brothers Tanaka the captain and Katana the first mate of 6 shipmates (although could be reversed due to the game being random) were brought back to Earth Starbase with the 16 Maidens for a total starting population of 18 of there kind in order to revive their race. After a few months there were already hundreds of Shofixti born.

Of the 16 females this Kishi Bojin was the most dominant of the females and thus their leader in some way. At first the Shofixti shogun ruled from the Earth Starbase but by the year 2165 she ruled from the planet New Kyabetsu during the events of the Chmmr's secret Project 6014.

Recent HistoryEdit

From 2165 to 2167 the Shogunate ruled from the colony on the Planet New Kyabetsu. The Kishi-Bojin Shogunate had created many changes in Shofixti society by the year 2165. One of these changes was to invest more into the female part of society and give suffrage to them; these changes eventually led to commander Hiruku being put in charge of the colony at New Kyabetsu. Besides the women getting more power in there society the rest of it is relatively the same with the males still flying their scout ships around and looking for fights every now and again.

From Unofficial SequelEdit

In 2164 the Shofixti picked a fight with a slightly stronger opponent called the Lurg and they were killed. The Shofixti are considered the "poor man of the alliance" similar to the term "sick man of Europe" used for the country Turkey. The Shofixti are the poor because they lack a starbase, and they also have the smallest sphere of influence on the game map. Also the Shofixti Scout is very weak and weak to the point where a Lurg Prawn can pose a lethal threat to the 7 Shofixti on board (6 plus its captain). But regardless of the Shofixti's poor state of affairs their encounter with the Lurg at Beta Naos in 2164 was what led to the Captain going on his second voyages in 2165 to get to the bottom of what really happened. In April of 2169 the Kishi-Bojin shogunate comes to a very abrupt end as the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah destroy thier Fleet and the colony on New Kyabetsu. Although New Kyabetsu can be explored it does not have any ruins unlike the planet Ruttipeep where the Yehat live also the planet known as "Taalo playground" (Delta Vulpeculae something or other.) (look for a Jupiter-like planet and its the Treasure world orbiting it). The Taalo Playground has 104 RU worth of Gold, Silver and a few other minerals by far the richest of the 3 former homeworlds now explorable in mineral wealth although yehat homeworld wins with ruins being on its planet, by the 2150s and beyond the Taalo no longer have ruins, it all would have been just caves carved into the gold and silver mountains, the taalo might not even have had cities in the more traditional sense. But regardless after the second Kohr-Ah death march it opens up the player to be able to explore, the home worlds in Delta Vulpeculae, Beta Gorno, and Gamma Serpentus (Ruttipeep). Buesness goes on as normal at the starbases and other homeworlds though so the Syreen can still give a bonus ship for the year 2169 even after thier fleet is destroyed by the Kohr-ah. Although the biggest notable downside to this is that in the end your left with only being able to Build Zoq-Fot and Supox ships.

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