Castas, a Klatooinian bounty hunter.

The Klatooinians were a race of dog-faced beings native to the Hutt Space planet Klatooine, the Klatooinians were indentured to the Hutts many years before the rise of the Old Republic. Along with the Vodran and Nikto races, the Klatooinans had served the Hutts since the battles against Xim the Despot, when they signed the Treaty of Vontor.

The average Klatooinian was a tall, humanoid being that had a flat, canine face and coarse skin. The Klatooinian culture was strongly tied to traditional values, and were regarded as being as patient and tenacious as the Fountain of Ancients. They also, like the Fountain, strove to grow stronger with age. The Klatooinians have often referred to themselves as the Children of the Fountain, since they came to develop many of the characteristics associated with the Fountain of Ancients.

The Klatooinians developed sentience well before the formation of the Old Republic, and their cultural records also predate the Republic's formation. Nevertheless, the Klatooinians have remained a fairly primitive people, embracing the technology that was brought to their homeworld but never developing their own. They were known for their loyalty and tenacity, traits that first attracted the Hutts.

There were only a few subtle, visual distinctions between male and female Klatooinians, the primary being that the males were slightly heavier in stature. At the age of ten, nearly every Klatooinian was sold into servitude, usually to local governments. Especially troublesome youths were sold into slavery. This helped the young Klatooinians learn to respect and admire their elders and the traditions of their people. However, because of the Treaty of Vontor, the Klatooinians were forever under the oppression of the Hutts. Like the Fountain of the Ancients, many Klatooinians hoped that they could endure long enough to grow strong with age and shed the Hutt yolk. During the era of the New Order, many Klatooinians of the younger generation grew tired of their elders' cowardly subservience, and set out to join the Rebellion as a show of defiance. When the Hutts tried to exert more control over the Klatooinians, more rebellious activity took place. It was believed that the Klatooinians were finally ready to break out of their millennia-old enslavement.

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