Universe Starship Troopers Universe
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Breathable
Primary Terrain Deserts
Notable Species Arachnids

Klendathu is a desert world of dark blue terrain, and home to the dreaded Arachnid species, also known as the Bugs. It is orbited by two moons. While Arachnid structures do exist, the important ones are subterranean, with the tunnel interiors being glassy-smooth and dug out by machinery stated as making a "frying bacon" noise. A capitol city of the Arachnids is also known to exist somewhere under the surface of the planet.

The planet is summed up perfectly by a quote of a Netnews reporter: "It's an ugly planet; a Bug planet. A planet hostile to life as we know it." Unfortunately for him, this statement was proven true almost immediately, as a Warrior Bug attacked and sliced him in two, all the while being filmed by the cameraman.

History Edit

Immediately following the Arachnid Empire's attack upon Earth that happened to level Buenos Aires, the Terran Federation chose to attack Klendathu in a battle code named "Operation Bughouse". This battle took place as originally planned despite the ground troops calling for additional defensive forces to be brought in. Because of (or at least in large part due to) this refusal to aid the troops, the operation was unsuccessful; casualties were high, and the assault was abandoned completely somewhere between 3 and 18 hours. Civilians on Earth were not happy about this battle at all, and after the loss of Buenos Aires they were stirred up en masse, with many crying out in futile orders to bring the Terran forces home, no matter their location in the galaxy - instead, they wanted the Earthling soldiers to orbit the planet "practically shoulder to shoulder", to interdict the space that the Terrans already occupied. Because of the ridiculous failure of the mission, one soldier, Juan "Johnnie" Rico, begins to refer to it as "Operation Madhouse".

While the Mobile Infantry had never came close to securing either the topside or the subterranean tunnels of the planet. After the assault on Planet P, Lieutenant Juan Rico prepared his "Roughneck" band of soldiers for a climactic assault upon the planet. Each and every year the human race gained a little more territory, with the soldiers having to keep a sense of proportion to inspire them: "This time...we take it away from them".

Notable SpeciesEdit