Koboth was the Kobok homeworld. It was located in the Outer Rim Territories, on the fringe of the Tingel Arm. It bordered the Corporate Sector.


Koboth was a harsh world, scoured by solar flares from the nearby sun, Koba Prime. It was primarily divided into six continents, along with a few rocky island chains in the southern hemisphere. The seas of the southern hemisphere were wild and hot, as this portion of the planet received the most punishment from Koba Prime.

Another prominent geographic area was the Kuurok Peninsula, which produced darker-colored Koboks.

It was orbited by three dead moons, all of which were scoured as well by the system's sun.


For millions of years, the Kobok warred among themselves on their homeworld, only to be eventually united by the Koboth Union. They had no contact with the greater galaxy during this time, even as they created interstellar flight and spread to surrounding systems. Under their new government, the Kobok were united, and began to encounter other sentients. Though they never joined the Galactic Republic, they did broker trade agreements with both the Trianii and the Hiitians, centuries before the rise of the Empire. The first species to create trade routes to Koboth were Corellians and Duros explorers. After this contact, Koboth became accessible via the Hydian Way.

Because of their proximity to Corporate Alliance holdings, they became engaged in territorial disputes. Due to their skillful and warrior-like nature, the Kobok quickly became associated with mercenary and assassin work. Around 15 BBY, the Kobok became embroiled in one of these disputes, which then turned more violent than past conflicts. This caused the Kobok to become even more combat-ready. They were heavily involved in the fighting during the Mavvan Conflict, which in turn lead to the creation of the Kobothi S-Corps. Those who earned distinction in these conflicts were awarded the Koboth Insurgent Mantle. These events further defined the Kobok's image galaxy-wide as capable soldiers.


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