The Kodashi viper was an ophidian indigenous to the rainforests of the Outer Rim world of Dathomir. Kodashi vipers were the most poisonous serpents in Dathomir's jungles, and those who failed to heed the multicolored aposematic patterns of their hides often fell victim to the Kodashi's neurotoxic venom. Despite the lethality of their natural defensive poison, Kodashi vipers were safely edible, and their skins were used by the natives to fashion garments.

In 43.5 ABY, Kodashi vipers were exploited by the Nightsister clan of Dathomiri witches as the means by which they attacked the annual gathering of the Raining Leaves and Broken Columns Clans. Through their command of the Force, the Nightsisters directed several Kodashi vipers into the camp of the Broken Columns, which resulted in the deaths of four clansmen.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Kodashi vipers were serpents found on Dathomir,[1] a jungle planet in the Quelii sector of the Outer Rim Territories.[2] The aposematism of the Kodashi was evident in its multicolored hide, which was predominately green but adorned with alternating bands of red and yellow. When predators and other nuisances neglected to recognize the Kodashi's warning coloration, the serpent defended itself with an extremely potent neurotoxin that was capable of killing an adult Human within minutes.

Behavior and intelligenceEdit

Kodashi were ectothermic reptiles usually found in the rainforests of Dathomir, where the temperate climate was more suited to their nocturnal activities, and very seldom near places like Redgill Lake, where evening temperatures were too cold. When Kodashi attacked, they coiled and struck with a bite that caused agonizing pain and delivered a dose of lethal venom for which there was no antidote. The serpent was easily subdued if grabbed securely behind its head, although it attempted to constrict the assailant during its subsequent struggle for freedom. Kodashi were also susceptible to manipulations of the Force, and a being skilled in the use of the dark arts was able to command multiple vipers with their powers. Despite the negative connotations associated with Kodashi vipers, the jungle natives admired them for their stealth and recognized the serpent as a viable resource. Women and men of Dathomir killed the vipers for their meat and hides, which were fashioned into colorful garment.


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