The girl who would later be turned into the monster Kojira was a 16 year old Japanese schoolgirl and summer intern from Takoshima city (the Destroy All Humans! version of Tokyo). Having been turned into a monster, she becomes an unintentional enemy of Crypto 138.

Her name 'Kojira' is a play on of the word 'Gojira' - the Japanese word for the famous movie monster, Godzilla. Kojira's appearance is similar to both Godzilla and Zilla, with her having radioactive breath and a health regeneration ability. She can also shoot a laser out of her eyes like the Hanna-Barbera version of Godzilla.


The girl was hired by the KGB at some point, before been subjected to an experiment involving Blisk spores - resulting in her been painfully transformed into a giant reptilian beast. The woman monitoring the experiment - upon seeing what the girl had transformed into - screamed "Kojira!" before been crushed underfoot. The pain of the transformation caused the girl trapped within the form of Kojira to practically beg for death within her mind - something that Crypto thought was pathetic when Holopox told him. Following Kojira's underwater bubble trail in his saucer, Crypto watched as Kojira surfaced before beginning a rampage through Takoshima City. With the Japanese military forces mostly unable to do anything, Crypto entered the fray himself and attacked Kojira in his saucer.

Kojira 2


However, this first tactic didn't work so well as Kojira not only showed the ability to regenerate her health from destroying buildings, but also had a range of attacks - including breathing a cloud of radioactive gas, shooting a red laser beam out of her eyes and launching several green 'energy missiles' out of her back that could lock onto targets - causing bad damage to Crypto's saucer and forcing him to stay out of range. Changing his tactics at Pox's request due to his saucer weapons not having a great effect, Crypto landed and continued the battle on foot. Avoiding Kojira's energy attacks and stomping, Crypto succeeded in using his hand weapons and abilities to bring Kojira down.

Upon investigating her corpse, Crypto complained about all enemies dying the same - only for Kojira's 'kaiju
Kojira's death

Kojira's body disintegrates after her defeat.

body' to disintegrate and leave behind the body of the 16 year old girl. Natalya, upon seeing the girl and asking Crypto what he has done to her, Crypto tells her its not what it looks like. Brushing the question aside, Natalya tells Crypto to give the girl some money for therapy due to the large amount of trauma she suffered.


Destroy All Humans! 2 (Video Game)

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