"What is it with the Koprulu Sector, anyhow? It seems like every week there's another skirmish, insurgency, sortie, planned offensive, counter strike, police action, border conflict or plain old-fashioned war breaking out. While the chaos and anarchy are great for a spacefaring merchant vessel that's willing to transport certain cargo of questionable legality, I sometimes have to stop and wonder if this madness will ever end."- Norris Bailey reflects on the state of the Koprulu Sector(src)

The Koprulu sector—nicknamed the Terran Sector— is a sector in space colonized by terrans in the shadow of Protoss space. It is situated on the galactic fringe of the Milky Way, sixty thousand light years from Earth.[1] During the Guild Wars, the sector was divided into at least five zones.[2] Most of its planets are inhospitable.[3] Still, the sector offers a vast range of foodstuffs.[4]

War in the sector is a brutal affair. Life expectancy for terran soldiers once measured in mere seconds.[5]

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