When the Vasari's expeditionary forces have their backs to the wall and overwhelming odds, they will deploy their most powerful weapon, the mighty Kostura Cannon, to turn the tide.

The cannon is situated in orbit over one of the Vasari's planets, and it is capable of launching a powerful attack against an enemy planet from far away. When it is ordered to attack, it aligns itself with the target planet and fires a Kostura Warhead, the pinnicle of Vasari Phase Missile ordinance. Unlike the its counterparts, the TEC Novalith Cannon and Advent Deliverance Engine, it does not affect the target planet directly. Upon reaching the target, the warhead detonates and releases a powerful EMP shockwave, damaging and disabling all ships and structures in the area. When used properly, the Kostura can allow the fleet to take a big chunk out of the enemy forces before the disabling effects wear off.

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