Krakana were aquatic creatures that lived on Mon Calamari. They were believed by many to be some of the most dangerous creatures on the planet. A krakana had tentacles tipped with deadly pincers, could swim at high speeds, and had several rows of sharp teeth. They were relatives of the Keelkana.

In 11 ABY Leia Organa Solo with Cilghal encountered Krakana when Leia was searching for information about Gial Ackbar's whereabouts.

When Han and Leia Solo were on vacation to Mon Calamari, with their family, Leia told her son, Anakin Solo, not to play in the water because of the Krakana. Later Anakin would use that excuse whenever his siblings told him not to go somewhere by responding "See it's okay, no Krakana!"

They were the source of Krakana filet and were the inspiration for FIDO, a New Republic defense droid. They were also the namesake for the Krakana, an aquatic vessel used by the Mon Calamari Rangers in the Second Imperial Civil War.



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