Krant was a wilderness planet in the Bothan sector.


Krant was characterized by temperate forests and cliffs. The trees of Krant were a spectacular multi-colored variety, which glowed in the diffuse sunsets and shed their enormous leaves in two seasonal cycles. The predators of Krant were few and far between, leaving a large ecological niche in which herbivores and insects thrive. The Krantian songbirds filled the night sky with their calls and melodies, making for a bucolic, if noisy, setting for the newly-arrived colonists.[4]

Its two major cities, Peche and Theenes, were agricultural in nature. Le'Roche, another city, was on an island.[2] Krant had two moons and numerous orbiting asteroids that were caught in its gravity well. One of the main moons, Aereen, was mineral-rich.[3] By 6 ABY,[5] one of the asteroids, Hanoon, had been terraformed and renamed Geddes.


Humans and Bothans colonized the world shortly before the Clone Wars, and Wookiees established a colony there which the Confederacy General Sev'rance Tann destroyed as she set up a fortress on Krant[3] in 22 BBY.[6] The surviving Wookiees helped Echuu Shen-Jon destroy Tann's fortress. Shen-Jon felt he gave into the dark side when he killed Tann, and exiled himself on Krant.[3]

Years later Krant became a major rendezvous point for Bothan spies and Rebels during the Galactic Civil War. It was scouted several times by the Galactic Empire as a possible base, endangering the Rebel operations there.[2] Moff Yittreas was placed in charge of Krant, and became known as the Butcher of Krant, after killing thousands of Krantians on charges of political treason.[4] After the Battle of Yavin,[7] the Empire took over the Alliance's Ghost Base, which was subsequently liberated, along with Peche and Theenes, by an Alliance strike force led by Shen-Jon and Leia Organa—whose ship, the Cretacian, had crashed on the planet previously. Organa then completed her mission, meeting with the Bothan spy Utric Sandov.[2]

There were also two abandoned Sith temples and ancient Jedi ruins on the planet.

Behind the scenesEdit

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