The Krikthasi are a race native to the planet Baralou, which have been enemies of the Multopos for their entire existence. They are descended from large, marine mollusks, and have long, flexible bodies studded with tentacles. Krikthasi have four well-developed eyes, with a set of four tentacles emerging just behind their heads. They have two mouths, one for eating and another for breathing. They use the water to help propel themselves through it, expelling it through a group of vents at the rear of their bodies. Four more tentacles surround their hindquarters. Their coloration helps them communicate, as each Krikthasi can manipulate the pattern of their coloration to express complex concepts as well as emotions. The Krikthasi, in their seemingly endless war with the Multopos, have discovered that the eggs of the Multopos are quite delicious, and eat them as a way of proving to themselves that the Multopos were not sapient.

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