• Victory Bay - Once the capital city of Kronus, Ironworks Bay stood abandoned and derelict for centuries before the Imperial Guard arrived. They renamed the city Victory Bay in honor of their coming reconquest of the planet. The city itself lies at the northern end of a temperate belt and is prone to long winters and rain much of the rest of the year. The provincial hinterland, however, stretches to the south where agrifarms take advantage of the mild summers.


  • Vandean Coast - A mineral rich region, Vandea includes several large industrial centers built in the imperial era and still in operation. The cities are now underpopulated and polluted, but remain critical industrial assets for the Tau. The manufacturing and smelting plants of the Vandean cities have scarred the landscapes and stained the air, making the cities valuable but hardly pleasant. Soot-laden snow or acidic rain fall from the gray skies year round.

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