The Kurtzen were a race native to the Kishh district of the Braad continent of Bakura, the Kurtzen had pale, white skin and ridges instead of hair on their heads. Although native to Bakura, by the time of the Battle of Endor, the Kurtzen population was just five percent of the entire population of the planet. Humanoid in stature, the Kurtzen were suffering from a number of diseases and malnutrition when human colonists first landed on Bakura. They gladly traded land for medical supplies and access to newer treatments, and the population steadied for many years. The appearance of the Empire actually helped the Kurtzen further, since new medicines and technologies arrived that could help them, although many were displaced to the Kishh'daar continent. After the Empire took control of the planet, a generation gap formed among the Kurtzen society, as the younger members began using more technology and began ignoring the traditions of their families, while the older Kurtzen struggled to maintain their heritage. Eventually, the Kurtzen people found a way to survive by simply believing in the power of life itself, and brought their race back from the brink of extinction.

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