Kylie Strutemyer is a character in the alien invasion film Slither.


Hive Memory: Due to a failed bonding with a Slug, Kylie possess the Hive memory of the Long One. At first unable to handle the vast knowledge, she was soon able to tap into the knowledge allowing the humans to understand what was happening and defeat the alien threat.


Shortly after the release of the slugs Kylie was attacked in her bathroom by a slug that had crawled through the window. Only slightly caught off guard she fought the parasite with her bare hands and what other house hold items she could find. This led to the slug tiring; allowing her to pull the creature out of her mouth before it had entered fully.

Attempting to alert her family she was forced to flee the house; her family in the process of assimilation and the house filling with slugs. She hid in her family car and was rescued by remaining human survivors from the slugs and her infected family.

Regrouping on a road side she informed the other humans of what she had learned.

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