LV-742 is a planet which its environment consists of deserts, jungles, and canyons with long cave systems.

Native LifeEdit


Weyland-Yutani established an oil refinery on several sections of the planet, during their expedition in the cave system they discovered a chamber containing the creatures known as the Xenomorph, however the Xenomorphs began to breed restoring their population and killing the entire expedition team. The Xenomorphs then began to attack the oil refinery resulted in many miners to be killed, the USCM were dispatched to exterminate the Xenomorphs but it was harder than they expected, they eventually joined up with Weyland-Yutani in hope of stopping the Xenomorph infestation but it became a lot more complicated as the Predators joined the fierce conflict as apart of their succession ritual to become the ancient council's successors. Weyland-Yutani decided to research on the Xenomorphs by collecting specimens in the field, the head researcher Samuel Kadinsky began researching on the Xenomorph's lifecycle which led him to the creation of the K-Series aliens. However his research on the Predator angered the ancient council and assaulted his research facility, kidnapping the doctor and tortured him to death. The conflict between the three species eventually ended with the Colonial Marines destroyed the Predator Fortress, the Predators killing the PredAlien Queen, and the Xenomorphs exterminating the K-Series in order to keep their lifecycle pure.


  • Aliens versus Predator: Extinction

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