Lan Barell
Lan Barell
Universe Star Wars Universe
Region Outer Rim Territories
System Lan System
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Type I
Climate Hot
Gravity Standard
Primary Terrain Deserts, Mountains, Plateaus, Tundra
Notable Species Indigenous: Qieg
Immigrant: Human, Elomin, Herglic, Wookiee

Lan Barell is a dusty, dry backwater planet within the Outer Rim Territories near Breshkall, which was discovered around 13,000 BBY. It has a population of 143 million, 8 million of which are Human. A Wookiee clan known as Chyakk worked out of the spaceport within the planet's capital city, Shulell.

Lan Barell orbits a red star known as Lan within the Lan System, with a rotational period of 23 standard hours and an orbital period of 255 local days (5865 standard hours).

The soil had a heavy iron content, giving the planet a faint blue sheen; when combined with the red glare of its sun, the planet had a garish and gloomy atmosphere. The world's large metal deposits caused it to become claimed by mining operations. Where once the planet had had three moons, one was eventually reduced to rubble through extensive mining. The other two were instead used as foundations for the orbital ore refining plants.

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