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The Kuat Drive Yards Law-class light patrol craft was intended as a scout craft but more often saw use as a systems patrol and customs ship.


51 meters long, it carried 15 crew (including 5 gunners), up to 10 prisoners, 250 metric tons of cargo, and 3 months' worth of consumables.[1]

Capable of 850 kilometers per hour in atmosphere, the ship had a Class 1 hyperdrive and a Class 12 backup.[1]

The ship boasted 4 laser cannons (2 forward and 2 turreted) and 1 forward proton torpedo launcher which held 5 torpedoes. It was modestly shielded.


The Law-class patrol craft was released years before the Battle of Yavin and was used in many sectors.[1]

The Law-class was the primary vessel of Sector Rangers.


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