Lazerian IV is a planet located in the Expansion Region of the galaxy. It is a world of great oceans, inhabited by a native amphibious race known as the Akwin. The continents were colonized by Humans, which are completely unaware of the Akwin's underwater civilization.


Lazerian IV was a typical terrestrial world and features like topography or atmosphere were generally considered "standard". The terrain was made up of plains and forests, with heavy industrialization limited to the urban areas. There were four continents, Doxet on the eastern hemisphere and Elgar, Torm and Laz on the western hemisphere. The poles of the planet were covered in large ice caps.[2]

The oceans of the planet were ripe and abundant with life. However, they were also rich with certain minerals which blocked sensor scans.[5]

The planet had two moons.


Early historyEdit

The humans of Lazerian IV developed space flight relatively early in their history and showed a large interest in space exploration. They mapped the entire system within a short amount of time. [5] Colonies were established on Acorvus, Dborian and the Rokwahl Asteroid Belt. The Lazerian monarchy exiled political dissenters and criminals to the neighboring planet, Acorvus. Dborian and Rokwahl held small mining outposts.[6]

However, they had little interest in exploring the oceans or polar caps of their world. Nonetheless, the abundance of life in the seas made fishing a very popular enterprise. Due to the special conditions of the planet's ocean, the native Akwins remained undiscovered by the humans.[5]

During the days of the Old Republic Lazerian IV was a loyal member world and Lazerian forces were highly respected.[5] Jedi were admired by the populace and maintained a small outpost on the planet. However, this outpost had been destroyed in an ancient battle.[4]

Due to its location on the Harrin Trade Corridor, the planet had a prospering economy. The entire industry was centered around import of raw materials and the manufacturing of high technology items.[2] Despite its huge level of industrialization, the Lazerians were conscious of their environment and their factories produced little waste. This mindset also prevented an encounter with the native Akwins, which also valued nature highly, but preferred to be left alone.[7] The economic strength even increased with the establishment of the Kira Run,[8] which connected the Harrin Trade Corridor with the Enarc Run. Lazerian became known as one of the "Twin Stars of Kira".

Imperial eraEdit

When the Galactic Empire came to power in the galaxy, Lazerian IV was under the rule of King Alarik X and his queen Careese.[6] The Lazerians saw the rise of Palpatine as the ultimate example of their societies model, in which rise was possible due to hard work.[5] Lazierian IV did not oppose the Empire and Alarik X swore an oath of fealty to the Empire.[6] The Empire left most of the business of Lazerian IV to the king; the only Imperial forces on the planet consisted of 36 Stormtroopers stationed at the Imperial embassy and a squadron of TIE/LN starfighters and an Imperial Customs contingent stationed at the Lazeria City Starport.[4]

The Lazerians maintained a large military. Space defense was maintained by a small fleet, which consisted of 24 Z-95 Headhunters and two Lancer-class frigates around the time of the Battle of Endor. Additional to the large ground army the was an elite group called the King's Own Guard. They practiced a centuries-old chivalric code and were used for ceremonial and elite missions.[4]

After the New Republic came to power, a small resistance movement began to spread among the Lazerians. However, due to the Empire's strong entrenchment, there were only around 50,000 supporters among the whole population. The leader was Princess Aereena, who kept her role secret to both her parents and her followers[5] and acted the spoiled princess in public.


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