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General Information
Homeworld Lepidopterra
Habitat Swamp
Locomotion Quadrupedal and Flight
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Lepidopterrans are an extraterrestrial species of insectoids from the swamp planet Lepidopterra (a play on "lepidoptera", the scientific name for butterflies and moths). Lepidopterra is a generally peaceful swamp planet whose numerous species live among a wide variety of giant plants. Residing in a complex of giant hives, each ruled by its own queen, Lepidopterrans are the predominant species on the planet. Life on Lepidopterra is seasonal, and every species plays a part in keeping the ecosystem healthy, make sure the flora continues to produce its fruit so that all can live together in harmony as they have for countless eons.

Lepidopterrans are an intelligent insectoid race that is masters of the air. With their transparent wings, ultra-sensitive antennae, and sturdy exoskeletons, Lepidopterrans travel far and wide to collect plant pollens for harvest. Depending on the plant, Lepidopterrans are capable of manufacturing a wide array of goos and gasses in their pollen ducts, ranging from an immobilizing jelly to a potent stinging spray. Lepidopterrans are extremely acrobatic flyers and able to pull off amazing maneuvers of precision and grace. While designed mainly for grappling, the hard spikes on their forearms also make a valuable weapon in battle. Like most earth insects, Lepidopterrans are extremely vulnerable to any kind of chemical poison or gas. Although their exoskeleton bodies are fairly strong, their wings are extremely fragile and easy to damage. They must remain in constant motion to avoid being stuck on the ground permanently.
Lepidopterran Prisoner

a Lepidopterran Prisoner in Incarcecon.

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