The Leresai were a race of insectoids that resembled horned, clawed Kobothians. They were native to the Mid Rim planet Leresen. They were joined the New Republic, they attacked Bothawui after the revelation of the Caamas Document. The Leresai claimed that the Bothans were responsible for the deaths of two of their own during the riots on Bothawui, and demanded either the guilty Bothans or the deaths of ten Bothans for each Leresai. This was in accordance with Leresai law, which demanded "a claw for a claw, a horn for a horn, a life for a life." Rogue Squadron tried to intervene, but their ships had been sabotaged by Leresai maintenance workers on Di'tai'ni, and were unable to prevent the attack. The Leresai attacked a zero-gee crystal manufacturing plant in orbit around Bothawui, claiming the lives demanded by their law, before the Peregrine could arrive. The actions of the Leresai were hotly debated in the New Republic Senate, especially in light of the Caamas Document's contents.

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