Tyranid Lictors are specialised evolutions of the Tyranid Warrior, suited to scouting and assassination. Lictors move ahead of the main swarm, seeking out pockets of resistance and native life forms to be eradicated or absorbed. Able to move swiftly and without sound through even the densest terrain, and concealed by a chameleonic carapace that renders it all but invisible to the naked eye, a Lictor can remain hidden until it chooses to strike.


  • Scything Talons - Ridged, chitinous claws used by most melee-centric Tyranids.These are a Lictor's favoured weapon in battle.
  • Flesh Hooks - Sharp barbs attached to long, sinewy tentacles. They are kept coiled close to the Lictor's body until they are needed, at which point they will be launched forward by a powerful muscle spasm. Commonly used to scale walls or to snag luckless prey and drag it into the Lictor's claws.
  • Feeder Tendrils

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