The Luminoth had worked long and hard to turn their chosen homeworld of Aether into a paradise for themselves and all inhabitants. One of Aether's most vital features is the Light of Aether, an extensive planetwide power grid that distributed energy throughout the planet and served as a source of nourishment for many life forms, including the Luminoth. The Light was regulated by the four Energy Controllers housed within the temples at the four main regions of Aether (The Great Temple, Agon, Torvus and the Sanctuary Fortress), which were responsible for gathering, storing and distributing energy. The temples also served as hubs for a teleportation network that sent people along the beams of energy that link the temples together. The energy that feeds the Light of Aether was based on mostly solar, biological and geothermal power sources.

When the Phazon Leviathan split Aether in two, a portion of the Light of Aether's energy was lost, because the copies of the Luminoth temples upon Dark Aether had taken a piece of their originals' energy. The Luminoth had created a device that would allow one to recover the energy from the Controllers within the Dark Temples, but it was stolen by the Ing and used to drain the remaining energy from the other temples except for the Great Temple. The device was then recovered by the bounty hunter Samus Aran, who then learnt of the Luminoth-Ing Conflict from the guardian of the Great Temple, U-Mos. She then set out to find the stolen energy and restore the Light of Aether.

After taking the last piece of stolen energy from Emperor Ing, Dark Aether began to destabilize, since it no longer had enough power to hold itself together. After a climactic battle with Dark Samus, Samus used a nearby Portal Generator to escape Dark Aether just before the world collapsed. The last of the Ing desperately tried to escape the destruction of their homeworld, but they could not get through the Aether Portal and perished.


  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (First appearance)

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