Manufacturer: Jedi or Sith
Weapon Type: Melee Weapon
  • Hilt (24-30cm)
  • Blade (145cm)
  • Weight: 1 kg
    Fire Modes: None
    Ammunition: None
    Feeding System: None
    Rate of Fire: None
    Range: 130 cm
  • Jedi
  • Sith
  • The Lightsaber is an energy-based melee weapon seen in the iconic Star Wars franchise. It is the preferred weapon of choice for both the Jedi and Sith.


    The lightsaber first started out as a Rakata weapon known as the Forcesaber, which used self-grown crystals and as a result, many who used this were corrupted by the Dark Side of the Force. The weapon evolved into the Protosaber, which wasn't as compatible with the Dark Side as the Forcesaber was, however had some problems in terms of a power source. This particular weapon had a belt mounted battery which had a finite amount of power and connected the weapon via a cord.

    The first lightsaber ever to come out came in the form of a weapon known as "The First Blade". This weapon was the first to ever utilize a diatium power cell as a source of power. The First Blade was the seed which stemmed other lightsabers throughout the centuries and therefore, became the ideal weapon of choice for both the valiant Jedi Order and the sinister Sith Order.


    The lightsaber is a weapon of great power, capable of slicing through virtually any known substance, causing cauterized wounds in flesh as well as used for amputation. When it comes to saber construction, the Jedi or Sith who construct the weapon usually don't make the same design and therefore every lightsaber seen is one of uniqueness and reliability in it's own right. The blade of the weapon comes in a variety of colors, which are the same color as the crystal they use within their weapons.

    As far as materials go, Jedi and Sith usually are guided by the force to select the most ideal of materials needed to create the hilt as well as seek out the crystal used within the weapon. The weapon's components consisted of the handgrip, emitter matrix, lens assembly, power cell and focusing crystal. Both the Jedi and Sith mentors usually encourage that their students base their lightsabers off of theirs, however this is not always the case as some students have preferred their own designs. One perfect example of this was Anakin Skywalker who preferred his own design over his master's due to the fact that he had great prowess in terms of technology.

    Lightsaber TypesEdit

    • Anakin wielding a standard lightsaber
    • Count Dooku wielding a curved hilt lightsaber
    • Darth Maul carrying his saberstaff
    • Yoda utilizing his shoto
    • Shadow Guard wielding a light pike
    • A Sith wielding a lightwhip
    • Kylo Ren wielding his crossguard lightsaber

    Standard LightsaberEdit

    The most common form of lightsaber was the standard, which consisted of a single blade and a hilt composed of any material that the wielder used in it's construction. The standard was one of concealment and was used by both Sith and Jedi respectively.

    Training lightsabers were based off the standard lightsaber, though of a more crude looking build. Training sabers were usually built with an increased containment field around the blade, which made it impossible for the user to severe limbs,however it did cause bruises, burns or cuts. This type also made the emitter matrix harder to overload.

    Curved-Hilt LightsaberEdit

    A very unique form of lightsaber, curved-hilts were common amongst saber practitioners who were experts in lightsaber combat Form 2: Makashi or fencing. It was known to have some benefits in terms of movement, however had quite a bit of flaws in terms of other movements.


    A very intimidating weapon, the saberstaff consisted of two individual lightsabers be constructed by the user and then put together by means of some sort of material. Though this was a useful method of construction, saberstaffs could also be two individual lightsabers that could be connected to create a saberstaff at any time. Saberstaffs offered the benefit to engage multiple opponents, enabling greater leverage, putting more punch into a power attack. It was however less accurate in terms of fighting in close quarters. It used a longer handle which could lead to it's destruction should an opponent target it or at least cause the user to draw back to using single-bladed combat.

    Probably the most beneficial aspect for the user was the weapon's rarity and therefore giving the user a psychological edge over opponents.


    Similar to that of a gladius, shotos were weapons that would be half a meter in length. Jedi and Sith often wielded these in their off hands in conjunction with a standard lightsaber, which gave them better defensive benefits against weapons like a lightwhip. Jedi with shorter stature usually carried this due to it accommodating their short stature.

    Another variation of shoto, known more as the "Guard Shoto" had a perpendicular handle, resembling a police officer's nightstick. Many usually looked down upon this design as it had the potential to put the user at risk.

    Light ClubEdit

    An inverse to the shoto, light clubs were standard lightsabers that were usually used by beings of large stature, consisting of a thick blade and large handle.

    Light PikeEdit

    Another unique design, the light pike was used similarly to that of the saberstaff, consisting of a long metal (lightsaber resistant in nature) and a short blade on one end. Despite it's spear-like appearance, light pikes could also apply dual blades similar to a saberstaff, in fact a saberstaff could be used as a light pike.


    The most rare of lightsaber types, lightwhips consisted of a flexible material that could be energized and used to entangle opponents or cut through virtually anything. When it was in use, the user's motions and use of the force would cause it to snap like a conventional whip.

    It was also the least radical of any wielder and not many people knew how to combat it, which gave it an intimidating factor due to it's shock value. The best ways to combat it would be to use a standard lightsaber in conjunction with a shoto or if the opponent was extremely proficient with a lightsaber, could engage the user with just a standard lightsaber.

    Crossguard LightsaberEdit

    An ancient design, the crossguard lightsaber is another rare type of lightsaber. This one consists of a lightsaber with a single long blade, along with 2 perpendicular blades on the side of the weapon.

    Lightsaber Combat FormsEdit

    As a weapon of great reliability and power, lightsabers were used in 7 major forms of lightsaber combat. Some users of the weapon have master some where as others have mastered more, if not all forms of the combat styles.

    Form 1: Shii-ChoEdit

    An ancient form of saber combat, Shii-Cho was a more simplistic fighting style, teaching one basics of attack, parry and target various parts of the body. Also interesting to note that form 1 was also the basis for the other 6 forms of saber combat.

    Form 2: Makashi:Edit

    A refined form of lightsaber combat, makashi was basically fencing, allowing for efficiency, precision and economy of movements.

    Form 3: SoresuEdit

    A form notably used for blast deflection, soresu was used to deflect blaster fire away from the target, consisting of very tight yet efficient movements. This gave one more defensive benefits and the opponent more minimal targeting areas.

    Form 4: AtaruEdit

    An acrobatic form, ataru used elaborate fighting skills based on speed in terms of running, spinning and jumping with manipulation of the force.

    Form 5: Shien/Djem SoEdit

    A more defensive-offensive form of combat, Shien was used by saber users as a means of deflecting blaster fire back at the shooter in means of retaliation. Form 5's Djem So was used mostly for heavy power moves in terms of lightsaber dueling

    Form 6: NimanEdit

    Niman was a form based around balance, as well as moderation, utilizing force based telekinetic attacks in conjunction to lightsaber dueling.

    Form 7: JuyoEdit

    A more direct form, juyo relied solely on offensive saber combat driven by the intense focused emotion of the user.

    Lightsaber Colors & MeaningsEdit

    One of the most well known facts about lightsabers were the use of crystals within the hilt of the weapon. There are a variety of colors, however each one holds a very specific meaning to them.

    • Blue: Blue usually belongs to Jedi Guardians, those who are responsible for routing out evil, as well as more focused in combat. These guys are usually like the soldiers and instead of force powers, they focus more on saber combat and techniques.
    • Green: Green usually belongs to Jedi Consulars, those who are responsible for negotiation and are more trained in ways of the force. These guys tend to not use their weapons, but will not hesitate to use them and some more than others are not as proficient in saber combat.
    • Purple: Purple is usually used by one trained in both Sith and Jedi arts, due to the fact that they apply both teaching in combat and ways of the force.
    • Red: Red is the color usually belonging to Sith as well as dark jedi, usually because it channels dark side energy better. It's also noted these crystals are not natural and therefore are synthetic, constructed by the Sith in general.
    • Yellow: Yellow is used by Jedi Sentinels, who are responsible for surveillance, technology and espionage. Basically spy class, these guys are usually known to seek out and destroy traces of the dark side and rarely operate at the temple and only a select few know of their existence.
    • Orange: believed to be another color of the sentinel class, orange is used by Jedi specializing in negotiations only.
    • Gold: One of the rarest colors, gold belongs to Jedi with powerful light side powers.
    • Bronze: Another rare color, Bronze is used by Jedi who use brute strength to overpower their enemies.
    • Silver: Silver is a color belonging to those who are calm and more focused on the living force.
    • White: White usually describes force users who have a very narrow minded view on the force.
    • Black: The rarest of all colors, black is used by force users with a very narrow mind, but is more devoted to one's self.

    Personal LightsabersEdit

    Though lightsaber is known by many and even used by many, however there are many who are more well known.


    Anakin SkywalkerEdit

    Anakin's First Saber

    Throughout his career as a Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker had a maximum of two lightsabers, both of which were constructed of designs by him. Unlike most Jedi, Anakin preferred his own design instead of basing his weapon off of Obi-Wan Kenobi's. His design incorporated a heavy duty frame favoring strength and created the weapon the planet Ilum after obtaining his crystal. He used it throughout his career as a padawan until his mission to rescue Obi-Wan on Geonosis. Anakin wielded it against Geonosians in the droid factories before getting his hand caught in a nearby droid arm. The weapon was in his hand underneath, however it was destroyed when severed by a large manufacturing blade.

    Anakin's Lightsaber

    By the beginning of the Clone Wars, Anakin needed a new weapon and therefore constructed a second lightsaber based on his previous arm to accommodate his form 5 saber training. This lightsaber saw countless battles during the Clone Wars, going up against thousands of CIS forces, as well as combating many Sith Lords as well. When Anakin fell to the Dark Side, the newly anointed Sith Darth Vader used it to slaughter the Jedi of the Old Republic, however when he was left for dead on Mustafar, Obi-Wan took the weapon with him. The saber underwent some configurations, but would be passed down to Luke Skywalker who used it until his battle with Vader on Bespin. Vader later took up the weapon and brought it to Wayland where the saber became the weapon of choice for Luke's clone Luuke. When Luke regained the weapon, he gave it to Mara Jade who used it up until her death.

    In The Force Awakens, the lightsaber somehow found it's way into the hands of the smuggler queen, Maz Kanata. She had it in her possession for years until the First Order arrived and she gave it to Finn. Finn wielded the weapon twice, once against one of his former comrades, and the final time against Kylo Ren himself. The weapon eventually fell into the hands of Rey, who it called to before Finn obtained it. Rey wielded the weapon against Kylo and damaged his crossguard weapon, as well as scarring his face. She also trained with the weapon under the guidance of Luke Skywalker and wielded it until her encounter with Kylo Ren later on. Both tried taking the weapon, however their force powers caused the weapon to explode. The remaining pieces however found their way into the hands of Rey who took it back with her on the Millennium Falcon.

    Luke SkywalkerEdit

    Luke's Lightsaber

    For the first few years of his career as a rebel, Luke had wielded the lightsaber once owned by his father. This all changed when he lost it after having his hand severed by Darth Vader on Bespin. In need of a weapon, Luke procured several parts from different vendors across Tattooine. It was then that he created his own crystal due to the fact that any crystal caves such as those on Ilum were destroyed by the Empire. Constucting the weapon, Luke first used it when he saved Han Solo from the clutches of the gangster Jabba The Hutt.

    He also used it against Darth Vader in their final duel, then later on as his primary during the reign of the New Republic. He also constructed a second version of this weapon virtually identical to his primary which is always stored in R2-D2 as well as a shoto which he used against Lumiya's lightwhip.


    Yoda's Shoto

    Even for a creature almost 900 years of age, Yoda is very well trained in lightsaber combat. He carried a shoto to accommodate his stature as a normal lightsaber would be like a light club to him. Yoda constructed this on the Crucible after acquiring his crystal on Ilum. He used it against his former padawan Count Dooku on Geonosis and many times throughout the Clone Wars. He even wielded it against Darth Sidious, but it fell out of his hand after the Sith Lord knocked it out of his hand with force lightning. After his defeat, Yoda retrieved it before leaving.

    The weapon accommodated Yoda's stature as well as his Ataru style training and it used a natural green crystal.

    Obi-Wan KenobiEdit

    Kenobi's Lightsaber

    In his lifetime, Obi-Wan Kenobi had wielded three lightsabers as a Jedi. The first lightsaber was based off his late master Qui-Gon Jinn's which he used throughout his career as a padawan. It was in his battle with Darth Maul that Kenobi's weapon was kicked into a generator shaft on Naboo by Maul, however Kenobi still prevailed with the use of his master's weapon. He used Jinn's weapon until he constructed a new weapon virtually identical to his previous weapon.

    Kenobi's Third Saber

    The second weapon saw action before the start of the Clone Wars, but was confiscated by the CIS on Geonosis. During the Clone Wars however, Kenobi created a new armament more skeletal in nature to his previous two armaments. He used it to take on his corrupted apprentice and it accompanied him to Tattooine. In his older years, Kenobi wielded the weapon against Vader before dying and it was taken by the Sith Lord.

    Despite this, the saber would later be used by Luke Skywalker's nephew Anakin Solo.


    Darth SidiousEdit

    Palpatine's Lightsaber

    As a Sith Lord, Palpatine created two identical lightsabers during his time as an apprentice to Darth Plagueis. He created them from Phrik alloy which was impervious to lightsaber blades. He used one to kill his master in his sleep and then later while he was in politics, had them hidden in a statue in his office. He used these against Darth Maul and his brother Savage Opress, killing Opress, but leaving Maul alive.

    When Mace Windu and several other Jedi went to arrest Palpatine, the sith lord wielded one of these against them, killing three, but engaged in an intense fight with Windu. Windu kicked him over, leading to the weapon being sent out the window. When Yoda confronted the Sith Lord, Palpatine used his back up against the elderly Jedi master. Later on as he was known as Emperor, it's logical to assume he had it on him at the time of his death, however lost it when he died.

    During the reign of the New Republic, Palpatine was reborn a clone and therefore had an assortment of various lightsabers collected by fallen Jedi over the years. He carried a blue bladed weapon when confronting Luke Skywalker on the Eclipse. This weapon also fell when Sidious met his demise.

    Darth VaderEdit

    Darth Vader's Lightsaber

    In the beginning of his servitude as a Sith Lord, Darth Vader applied the use of his lightsaber he used as a Jedi, however this was confiscated by Obi-Wan Kenobi and passed down to Luke Skywalker. Needing a weapon, Palpatine offered his lightsaber as a basis for his apprentice, however Vader dubbed his weapon as an "Antique" and went along with his own design.

    Vader constructed a lightsaber virtually identical to the weapon he wielded in his early years as a padawan. It uses a crimson synthetic crystal as it's core, however it is also noted that one of his weapons uses a scarlet Adegan crystal as well and it's designed to accommodate his heavy attacks and used it throughout his career as a Sith Lord until he lost it in his final duel with Luke Skywalker.

    Kylo RenEdit

    Crossguard Hilt

    The lightsaber of the former pupil of Luke Skywalker and Snoke, this weapon was created and used by Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. Unlike typical lightsabers however, this one features two exhaust vents, which vent out the excess plasma being produced. This is due to a cracked kyber crystal, resulting in the blade to also crackle and spark, as if it was burning. He wielded this crude, yet effective weapon throughout episode 7, until Rey damaged it and scarred his face. Despite this however, he managed to not only repair the weapon, but also give it a sleek black finish to it. before becoming the new First Order Supreme Leader. Like before as well, the repaired weapon still maintained the cracked crystal from before, as well as the same type of blade.