General Information
Homeworld Unspecified
(Known immigrants to Majipoor)
Body Type Humanoid
Height Exact height unspecified
Diet Unstated
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Majipoor Series
Created by Robert Silverberg

Liimens are short-statured humanoid sapients of an indeterminable evolutionary origin. They are notable for their flattened, "hammer-like" head, which is adorned by a trio of dark eyes, and seven bony fingers on each of their hands. On Majipoor and perhaps in other locations throughout the galaxy (or even the universe), they are generally found employed as unqualified manual laborers, farm or mine workers, street vendors and hawkers. To many of the other Majipoorian inhabitants, they are considered dullish and simple-minded.

Notes Edit

  • The Liimen, as well as all other species of the Majipoor series, were created by Robert Silverberg, a science-fiction writer from Brooklyn, New York; Majipoor is the planet he visits the most often in his writings.

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