Linphea College
Linphea College is a school in Linphea during Season 6 of Winx Club. It is for Fairies, warriors and Paladins to attend.


The Linphea College is centered in a lush and green canyon which also consists of waterfalls. The college takes on a circle shape and is an open and rather large area. In the center of the college is the arena that is surrounded by the Treants and it is also where the Paladins' and Specialists' training took place. Miele has also mentioned that she took a plant healing class here. The students' clothing exhibit their nature-themed college, as the fairies' form and civilian clothing are flowery and natural.

At least one teacher of Linphea College has been seen.


Season 6Edit

In "The Flying School", Linphea College's battle arena is used as training grounds for the Specialists and Paladins. Later on, Linphea College is attacked by the Treants summoned by Selina. In the end, Linphea College is conquered by the Trix.

In the next episode, the college is shown to still be under attack despite the efforts of the staffs and students. However, thanks to the efforts of Daphne, the Winx and the others were able to defeat the Treants with the use of Flora's potions. They rooted the Treants into the ground thus, freeing their captors. Icy demands Selina to summon something strong enough the finish the Winx once and for all. Selina then calls upon flying basilisks who turn anyone into stone with their petrifying rays. Through her bravery, Flora was able to save Miele from one of the Treants that have recaptured her allowing her to achieve her Bloomix. Using her newly acquired powers she relinquishes the spell that was placed on the Treants. As they continue to wreck havoc, Stella and Aisha soon gain their Bloomix. Stella then uses her new powers to eliminate the creatures and Linphea College is now free from the clutches of the Trix.

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