This page is for aliens in the PBS Kids TV series, Arthur. The show follows the adventures of a boy aardvark named Arthur, his famliy and friends. His best friend, Buster Baxter believes in aliens and often looks for answers for some problems in the stars.

Big Brained AlienEdit

This alien is the second most common in the show. There roughly about the size of a young child. There skin is dark green, but, like a lot of fictional aliens, there pink brain is swelling out of there head. There pointed faces and small eyes make it look like there almost always annoyed. Instead of arms and legs, they have short tentecles. If they need to grab something that is out of there tentecle reach, they have an extremely long tongue that they can use with ease. They also seem to have the ability to disappear in a blink of an eye. It is unknown if this is because they possess some physical feat or if this is part of there technology. They were first seen in the episode D.W.'s Snow Mystery as part of Buster's theory that, in a search of a sample of human food, it found D.W.'s snowball in the freezer (she had saved it because it was from the 'greatest day of her life,' a snow day). But suddenly, Mr. Read, Arthur's dad, came in and so the alien was rushed, and instead of real food, took the snowball (Buster used this to explain why the plate it was sitting on was gone as well). It disappeared, leaveing the half-asleep Mr. Read to wonder why the freezer door was open. Well the end of the story seemed to show that, well Buster's theory was right, it was not the Big Brained type, but the even more common three-eyed alien. But in the episode Return of the Snowball, it is the Big Brained type, who, in fact, were two kids. In the episode Sue Ellen Moves In, when all the kids telling there ideas about the new kid, Sue Ellen Powers, Buster's idea was that it was aliens in human form. He imagined the big brained aliens with a machine that turns them into humans. They are most rencenty seen in the season 12 episode I Owe You One, in which Buster is worryed about having to pay Arthur back for all the favors he has done. I pictures going to Arthur's house, which has an erie green glow. This is how the scene went:

Arthur: Buster, I would like you to meet my house guests.

(Buster gasps. Two Big Brained aliens are sitting at the table holding tea cups. One raises his tea cup as a form of welcome.)

Arthur: They wanted a human to study and they chose me. But I really love this book. Then I remembered all those favors you owed me!

(Buster gasps agian. The aliens are now welding on parts for Buster's long ears to an iron madian-type of device! Buster Screams and tries to run away, but the aliens grab him and pull him off screen. The day dream ends and we return to reality)

This type of alien is seen in the alien crowed that Buster tells jokes in during the Baxter Day song in Arthur's Perfect Christmas.

Three-eyed AliensEdit

The Three-eyed Aliens are most most common type seen on Arthur. They have three eyes on stalks and have green skin. They eat and talk though a proboscis. In D.W.'s Snow Mystery, there shown eatting D.W.'s snowball and think that human food are snowballs. In Muffy's New Best Friend, Muffy asks Buster why Francine did not come over to her house and Buster guess that some Three-eyed Aliens were using a laser to play Tick-Tack-Toe in the soccer field, when one of them spilled there soda, causeing the laser to fire randomly. It soon hit the Francine's soccer ball, hitting her in the head and giving her amnesia. The shocked aliens cleaned up the marks and flew away. In the episode The Chips Are Down, Buster blames D.W. and Binky's new friendship on aliens. After this, two Three-eyed aliens in a space ship wearing ballet outfits say "Don't blame us! we're just ballet fans!" They appear, yet agian in Athur's First Sleepover in The Brian's dream. In it, a space craft crashed in his yard. Well the Brain is checking the spaceship (it turns out that there geothermic sequencer needed recalibration), the aliens measure his head with a pair of calipers and sound impressed at the results. One of these aliens in seen in the alien crowd in Arthur's Perfect Christmas.

PJ AliensEdit

In Arthur's First Sleepover, Buster has a nightmare in which he is attack by alien-ized versions of Arthur and Brain. They have spacesuits (which Buster mistakes for PJ's at first) that look like astronaut outfits. There eyes have green spirals. There voices sound like robots and they say words like "Recto!" and "Congerdable, Congerdable!" They have the power to pull things (like Buster!) closer to them by shooting a sort of green tractor beam from there hands. When Buster wakes up, he calmy says "That was scary." and goes back to sleep. These aliens are never seen agian.

Squid HeadsEdit

In the episode "Lost!", Arthur imagines (with help from Buster) that the bus he's going on is full of aliens with tentecles and squid-like heads. The bus turns into a spaceship and flies away. After this, in real life, Francine points out that she heard this story too; it was on a TV movie. Like the PJ Aliens, they are never seen agian.

Bee LobstersEdit

In the episode The Fright Stuff, Buster suggests that they scare Francine and Muffy by using H.G. Wells War of the Worlds. Instead of the book's aliens, he imagines two round, tall aliens with three eyes, fins and lobster-like claws. There bodies are black and yellow, like a bee. Also unlike the aliens in War of the Worlds, there really friendly. One is pink and the other blue. They have mustache-like antennas. There never seen agian.

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