General Information
Other Names Chug-a-chug-Choo-Choo
Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Omnivorous
Sapience Level Sapiant
Behind the Scenes
Universe Railies Galaxy
Created by Johan Olander

Liverpudlins are a stocky, humanoid alien race. Although they are statuary smaller than humans, Their noses, heads, and fingers are much larger. Their noses cover up their upper jaws, and their three fingers are enlarged in comparison. Their clothing resembles that of Earth's train workmen.


Back in 1903 and 1904, a group of grade Liverpudlins scouted the earth's train stations within Liverpool, England. After leaving earth, their visit to the Liverpool railyards deeply infouenced these aliens, and their many inventions to follow were based off from what they gather within Liverpool, giving them their name.


The technology of Liverpudlins are deeply influenced by the operation of Trains. A number of working tools for the Liverpudlin included a condiment dispenser which resembled a grease can, or a sample sensor which resembled a coal shovel. Their operating vehicles also resemble working locomotives, although the intersteller operated ones have no required wheels or rails. The influence from the trains was so deep, that the Liverpudlins even made a network of workable space-rails, connecting to the many habitable planets within the galaxy of Railies (which was the reason behind the Galaxy's name in the first place).

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