Loboan Omniverse
General Information
Homeworld Luna Lobo (native)
Anur Transyl
Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Carnivore
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ben 10 Universe

Loboans (a play on the word Lobo, which is Filipino, Portuguese, and Spanish for wolf) are werewolf-like aliens from the moon Luna Lobo, orbiting Anur Transyl.

Appearance Edit

Loboans have grey or brown fur, some have a long flowing mane, and a bushy tail, with three or four sharp claws on each hand. One of them serves as the thumb, while the others serve as the fingers.

Their jaws have four hinges and can open outward. The inside of a Loboan's mouth has been shown to be purple, green or red.

Behavior Edit

According to Derrick, there are good and evil Loboans, but their social norms are not the same as humans.

While there are allegedly wild packs of Loboan on Luna Lobo, some are able to integrate into society, such as those seen on Anur Transyl.

Some Loboans have been shown to be non-speaking, savage beasts with little reasoning or intelligence, such as the Yenaldooshi, though they are still smart enough to operate machinery and understand instructions. However, some Loboans, such as Scout and the ones seen on Anur Transyl, display higher self-control, and seem to be able to integrate into civilized life.

Powers/abilities Edit

Loboans can emit a powerful ultrasonic howl by opening their quadra hinged muzzle. This can either cause considerable damage to his targets, reflect incoming projectiles, or propel themselves like a booster rocket.

Loboans have enhanced senses of smelling and hearing, as well as agility, speed, and strength.

Loboans have formidable claws, fangs, and strength. The claws on their feet can grasp like hands.

Weaknesses Edit

Like Earth canines, Loboans are sensitive to loud noises like a giant bell and foul odors that hurt their sense of smell.

Notes Edit

  • "Loboan" is a play on the word Lobo, which is Filipino, Portuguese, and Spanish for wolf.

Gallery Edit

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