Locust Berserker

Locust Berserkers are the females of the Locust species. So named for their extreme aggression, Berserkers are constantly enraged and will generally attack anything they come across. Their bodies are also extremely durable, enabling them to endure major physical damage without displaying any pain to hinder them. However, Berserkers are made vulnerable by high temperatures, as direct contact with fire can soften their skin and render them more vulnerable to attack. They are also near-blind, forcing them to rely on sights and sounds to track the enemy.

As the Locust rely on sexual reproduction to procreate, Berserkers are typically restrained before intercourse in order to prevent them from murdering their 'partner,' forcing the Locust to essentially commit rape in order to maintain their species' population.

Interestingly, Queen Myrrah, the monarchical leader of the Locust, is the only female of the species who is not a Berserker. The reason for this remains unknown.

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